Reading List

  • A Wind-storm in the Forests by John Muir: Very detailed and thematic excerpt. Muir crafts his own word paintings by using many similes and metaphors. This highlights my definition of place by introducing a creative way to write and encouraging me to be more intentional in my environment
  • Seascape with Eagle, Driftwood, Ravens, Seagull, Two Men and Their Phones by Nicole Stellon O’Donnell: Similar to John muir. Actively uses adjectives and metaphors to describe the eagle, seagull and raven. “The ravens look miniature compared to the eagle crouched in the crook of driftwood tree, tearing a seagull to shreds. Think beach bone, skeleton perch. Think rock, tide-worn.”
  • Hans Hoffmans House by Kelle Groom: short and personal story. Kelle Groom uses “I” and encounters a man who takes a picture of her in Hans Hoffman’s house.” Highlights my definition of place by turning her fact based story into a more emotional and personal oneAt him, the camera? Smile? I’m shocked again to be seen and with such kindness—am I crying? Wipe my eyes, lean on the gray wood railing. I choose the sea. So now an image exists of Hans Hoffman and me—his house in any case, but in the record of his life, I now appear.”
  • Walking Alone After Dark by Sarah Cooper: personal piece from Zocologico that was easy to read and thoughtful. Her smooth transition and usage of simile help me to emotionally connect with her. Also, she lives in my neighborhood so I was drawn by her imagery and openness to share what’s on her mind.“Tonight the moon is full and low over the sloping Glendale hills to the east, beyond the 2 Freeway that flows downhill toward Dodger Stadium. At 8 p.m., the temperature is almost 80, like bathwater. My 9-year-old said at dinner that he waits all year for nights like this—nights when he can stay up late, and it’s light late, and our cat frisks around.”
  • An Attempt at a Exhausting Place in Paris by Georges Perec: Sits down for long hours to write down everything that he sees at a place. He offers a different technique and challenges readers to observe literally everything and write about it. His writing highlights my definition of place by physically and emotionally connecting with my surroundings

Other suggested readings:

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